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Download: Fresh Ray Theme Files


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File Name: Fresh Ray Theme Files

File Submitter: Matchwho

File Submitted: 16 Apr 2013

File Category: Color-Theme Skins

Fresh Rays

About this beautiful theme...
We designed this theme for many uses with the ability to change the background colour in seconds you can change the vibe of the forum before your forum members even have time to refresh the forum again. This theme is perfect for every type of forum community and really has no limits.

Pre Sales & Custom Work - Support (Requires An Account) - Twitter

compatible with:

  • IP.Board
  • IP.Calendar
  • IP.Downloads
  • IP.Blog
  • IP.Content
  • IP.Nexus
  • IP.Gallery
  • IP.Chat

Our theme setting page allows you to alter almost anything on our themes, ranging from the width of the forum to changing how sections are displayed. All with simple clickable buttons or input fields. Navigation Movement If enabled the navigation bar will scroll down the browser screen as you do without hiding any important sections of your forum. You'll never have to scroll back up to find the navigation again!

Unlimited Possibilities With the theme using latest CSS we've created a background which can change colours in seconds in the settings page giving your theme a fantastic refreshing look quicker then you can blink. Clearly Social Social links can be enabled in seconds to easily allow you to link your social networking websites to your forum. (Currently supports Facebook, Twitter and Youtube)

Click here to download this file

Key Features
Theme Settings Page

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