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1. The first what I faced is a restriction on loading of files in the message.
It isn't logical.


It is necessary to make restriction on the size of one file. I had to leave a situation the next way:

Sorry, I have an interface in another language, but where is it to be understood.

In .htaccess I established:
php_value "post_max_size" "300K"
php_value "upload_max_filesize" "300K"

Got it:



1 – in a translation into English – Unlimited
Why Unlimited? Yes, I understand that it means, but it confuses the user.

It is more logical to use from settings 10 for counting of a quantity of the remained photos.


The general restriction of kb should be shown, if not 0.


2. pp_setting_moderate_friends=1
Only available through SQL. Need a function in the admin panel.

3. The problem with the photos in the attachment.



The file ipb_styles.css change to the following:


We get:


4. sharedmedia bug
The disproportion of the image in the preview.





5. It is possible to insert the picture into signatures through "My media" even if in settings it is forbidden to be done.

6. It would be very functional to the administrator to have opportunity to send personal messages with to set at the user a popup window (at a time) show_notification_popup 1

7. This Name or Quote in Fast Reply hook should be added in IPB initially. It is also necessary to add in personal messages.

8. I want to disable the display of sub-categories in all forums. Or have the opportunity to choose the forum of the show, and under what is not necessary.

9. Use fulltext searching and not the English language. How to configure?

10. Does not find the user to not English. In English finds.



11. http://community.invisionpower.com/gallery/category/4-members-gallery/ It's just awful design.
I do not even know where to start. Change everything.
Not user-friendly interface.

12. Under the red arrows - it really necessary? Could do without it ...

I can name many more disadvantages. Gallery requires complete rework. I think wanting a minimal but functional design.
If you have a desire to know my thoughts on this, need to create a separate topic.


This application also has many disadvantages.

Close button under the picture - not easy.
The image should be to reduce the size of the screen.

You can still make a lot of improvements.
http://fancyapps.com/fancybox/ I like more.

What is your opinion about it?

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