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Moderation Feedback: Toggling Hidden Post Content As Default Setting; Dealing with Previously Unapproved Posts, & Other Time-Savers


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As with many other users, our Forums (a sports Forum) were hacked - and so in restoring the Forums, we upgraded to 3.3.4. A few changes that have happened that on behalf of the group of Moderators that we feel would vastly improve the future Moderator experience with IPBoard.

1. Viewing Hidden Post Content as Default Setting for Moderators - when a post gets hidden, it needs to be viewed by clicking Toggle Post Content. If the post is hidden from the public, there is no need to hide the content automatically from Moderators. Viewing that content allows the rest of the Moderator group to keep track of that user's history, and helps in our group decision process when a repeat offender requires more than just warnings. Making Moderators do extra clicks to view content no one else can see isn't necessary. This should be a feature you can change in the settings so that Moderators do not need to click an extra button to view content.

2. Option to Mass Change all Unapproved Posts to Hidden or Deleted - with the change to 3.3.4, that still leaves literally thousands of old posts in the archive that are unapproved. For sports topics that go year-round, that means over half of our current threads (which we renew with each season, but run season-long) - all have a ton of old unapproved posts. Is there a way to clear these flags in 1 go, instead of having to go thread by thread? That's a huge pain. Even a well-publicized hook or software code fix would be helpful - but I imagine if you have a bunch of people who convert from 3.1 to 3.4, this is going to be a recurring request.

3. Flag as Spammer Unapproves Posts, does not hide or delete them - Apologies if I'm wrong here, as I've just changed - but when I look at the anti-Spam options, the Flag-As-Spammer unapproves the posts - which is no longer a feature of 3.3.4. Shouldn't the posts be hidden? The reason why I ask - doesn't this create extra work, because now Moderators still have a bunch of unapproved posts they have to either hide or delete? If I'm off-base, apologies, with the new conversion I just noticed it's strange that the Flag as Spammer options in ACP will offer to "unapprove" posts when that is no longer a feature available in IPS 3.3.4.

4. Warning History Display - when you click on a member's warnings, you get the warning point, the date, and the Moderator who issued the warning - but that's the LEAST important information - the reason for the warning is the most important - but you have to click the "More Details" button to see it - again, this is unnecessary. Having "Reason" displayed as a default on the warning display page is another time-saver.

5. Warning PM - this was a great feature, and I see that the current warning feature only allows a note to be viewed by the user - is this sent as a PM, or does the user have to able to see warning points to be able to view the note? The reason why I ask is all of our members could see other people's warning points - our Forums decided to keep warning histories private to the Moderator & single member, so we disabled the feature to view warning points - I take it this means they can't view the notes? If so, that's a huge downgrade. The ability for Moderators to raise warning AND send a PM is a must - if I am mistaken and the note is actually sent as a PM, great. If not, the "ability to send a PM" feature should return.

As background - our Forums gets over >1k posts a day, so by volume alone we get 30+ hidden posts and 1-2 warnings a day that get issued on quiet days - and on gamedays, sadly that 1 percent of unhappy people go crazy sometimes, so the volume makes these extra steps a HUGE pain. 3.1.4 didn't require us to do these - and while we appreciate the other changes were in response to requests to solve other issues, as with everything, unintended consequences are the norm - and the extra clicks are the main consequence here. We also realize going backwards is not the answer - but adding in the flexibility to change the default display, dealing with backlog of unapproved posts to hidden/deleted in 1 go, and improving the warning interface would be fantastic. And, if solutions for these issues already exist, great - apologies, as I've spent last night & this AM researching fixes, and these are the ones I'm coming up empty with after going through the search engine.


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