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Download: Guild Wars 2

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File Name: Guild Wars 2

File Submitter: Kyna

File Submitted: 22 Aug 2012

File Category: Miscellaneous Skins

The perfect skin for a Guild Wars 2 fan site, or future guild site !
The skin has been customized extensively.

Demo : http://skindevs.invisionzone.com/

Icons Guild Wars 2 => free download => http://www.terra-umb...areth/Icons.rar

Works with:

  • IPBoard
  • IP.Blog
  • IP.Gallery
  • IP.Downloads
  • IP.Calendar
  • IP.Shootbox
  • IP.Chat

Custom Logo (with .psd) :



tag: guild wars 2 skin gw2 arenanet ipboard design style

Click here to download this file

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