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Unapproved to hidden in upgrader


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I recently upgraded from an old version, where we used unapprove as the means to hide posts but leave them in context (or soft-delete as many call it).

The hide functionality is absolutely perfect for how we use the forums, but the thousands of 'unapproved' posts all over the forum were a pain.
The upgrader should possibly ask "do you want to convert unapproved posts to hidden posts?"

I ended up doing it with a few queries directly in the db - doing each of them via mod panel would have been way too much.

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After conversion from vBulletin we have thousands of unapproved posts which were I guess soft deleted posts in vB, what makes it worse, is that the mod team has spent more than 24 hours deleting all of the unapproved posts, only to find hundreds more appearing the next day.

Firstly is there any way of bringing them all out at once and secondly, is there an admin panel mass deletion tool for unapproved posts?

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