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The moderation log should be more detailed.


It shows that I approved a member and their username, but doesn't say what member was banned. It will also say that I edited a member, but doesn't state what member (except their User #) and doesn't specify what was edited. It's always good to know these things for reference.

I also noticed that it doesn't log everything a moderator does. I have moderators go in and do IP checks on members, it doesn't log. If there were spies, we would hardly know.

There should also be a link to "hidden", moved, closed, deleted, etc posts when they show up in the moderator log. I don't know, I'm very intuitive to detail. These things matter! :smile:

When the "automated" maintenance bot removes threads or posts, it should specify what was removed. Why are they removed? My board hasn't been up for very long.

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