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Better SEO URL


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I suggest better seo url:



I suggest removing /forum/ and replace with actual category
similar to the structure of vbseo/vb



Go one step futher, and place the post id on the end of the url
since people tend to read from left to right, not right to left.

Propose NEW URL:

and for those that do not wish to change, then fine, but those that wish to
change would be able to utiltize the new seo structure.

and this is a mod that I would actually pay $50 - heres an idea:

For those that want to use the free seo structure, then they continue using
the old seo format, for those that wish to use the enhanced seo proprosal
then they can pay $50 for IP.SEO (my proprosal)

and add'l option could be included for those that wish to go from their
old url to the new url structure - ie: 301 redirect so all their old urls
start pointing to the new urls.

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