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Look & Feel Tab Suggestion

• Jay •

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There's quite a few tools for manipulating the templates, but information on the style images is lacking.

For example, in order to know which skin(s) use a particular set of images, you currently have to check each skin's settings separately in the Admin CP. This is all fine and good if you're the Admin that installed all the skins, but for someone less familiar it can be a nightmare on a board with several skins installed.

Providing a tool that reports which skins use which images would simplify matters considerably.

It would also be great to have a tool to check for the existence of images that are linked to within the skin to prevent broken links (this would be excellent for a lot of third-party skins where the author tends to forget to replace some minor images during the creation of their skin).

Example of Look & Feel tab menu

Look & Feel
- Manage Skin Sets & Templates
- Template Tools
- Template Merge Center
- Search and Replace
- Image Tools
-- Check for Linked Templates
-- Check for Missing Images
- Easy Logo Changer
- Import / Export
- Externally Edit Templates & CSS

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