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VSE is broken


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This thing is glitchy as hell. I've tried it on Chrome and Firefox on IPB 3.2.1, and most of the major issues haven't disappeared in 3.2.2. I'm not sure why it's listed as "beta" because it looks more like an "alpha" to me atm, and possibly should not have even been added in yet.

Among the many bugs/issues are the following:
- the color slider doesn't slide properly (e.g. simply attempting to move the circle thing to choose a different color will completely alter the hue)
- the color picker or other tools often get glued to "on" mode, rendering the VSE virtually unusable until re-launched or reloaded
- colors and/or color previews often don't update after selecting a different color
- selecting a particular area using the element style picker often does not show the corresponding CSS attributes
- many, many, many many many areas are missing!!!

I realize probably most if not all of these bugs/issues have been reported, but I'm astounded they haven't been fixed yet.

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I also HIGHLY recommend enabling a feature that automatically transfers VSE-implemented CSS modifications from any VSE-unique sheet (e.g. ipb_skingen.css) to the normal sheets, so that there is an alternative means to easily and properly continue styling after converting a skin from a VSE version to a non-VSE version, i.e. without having to manually transfer the VSE-implemented modifications over to the normal sheets and/or resort to re-adding CSS property statements to a VSE-unique sheet.

The way I currently see it, is that the VSE could be a great preliminary tool for making quick hex changes across the board to establish the basic color scheme (and I would use it for such at least until the Search and Replace function works as I would like it to). Converting the VSE version to a non-VSE version would then allow for further modifications to be implemented in the normal sheets.

I think this process would be far more streamlined if the VSE-implemented CSS modifications could be automatically transferred to these normal sheets rather than initially restricted to a separate VSE-unique style sheet without the possibility of built-in automatic transfer (as is currently the case), unless the VSE-unique style sheet structure were updated to include all relevant property statements by default.

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On the other hand, I'm thinking that it might be easier to keep a skin up to date if any CSS modifications were restricted to a separate "overriding" style sheet, but I'm going to have to create my own version of this since the style sheet associated with the VSE is currently far from complete.

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