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Make the software use valid HTML


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Really, it's awful that putting the software through the official validator shows about 99 errors with the HTML alone, and even worse that I managed to halve that amount by modifying my own forum a bit.

Most of these problems are down to stuff like not using & at all times, which is what, half a second of extra work? I'm not talking about those in the script tags and stuff either, I'm talking about stuff like the forum index and forum links.

Now, I know some errors are due to third parties (the Facebook and Google code is awful), but really, most of these problems could be fixed in minutes, and it'd make IPB look so much more professional as a result.

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I've tried to check the main page of http://community.invisionpower.com at http://validator.w3.org and actually there are very few errors on it which I think are very minimal.

These are: The UL element is inside of:

[*]Wrong wrapper for UL element

<span id='search_wrap' class='right'>

which is not allowed. I think it can be quickly replace with <div> tag instead. [*]No alt attributes for images

[*]<style> tag inside the body [*]The summary attribute is obsolete. I think this can still be used in HTML5 in special cases?


<img src='http://content.community.invisionpower.com/public/style_images/master/useropts_arrow.png' />

[*]and these images are repeating that's why it counts as many errors:

<img src='http://content.community.invisionpower.com/public/style_images/master/f_icon.png' />

So to sum up, it has only four(4) errors. The other errors you see are for HTML5, microformats, Facebook meta tags, Twitter. What I want to suggest though is to get rid of inline CSS and those many <br /> tags.

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