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Get rid of "null vote" being counted!


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Hello everyone,

am I the only one who thinks that "null vote" should be renamed and the function should be working differently?

If you look here, for example:

It currently, at the time of this post, says:

Poll: Re-Size Avatar's (32 member(s) have cast votes)

Do you want the ability to re-size avatars back?

[list=1] [*]Yes - Bring it back please (16 votes [55.17%]) [*]No (12 votes [41.38%]) [*]I'm fine with either option (1 votes [3.45%])


Now, 32 Member(s) have cast votes... wait? 16+12+1 is 29!

So obviously 3 members have cast a "null vote" to see the result of the vote without voting themselves.

Now, I'm all for being able to see the result, but I don't think this should be counted as a vote as it is none.

Other forum-software have better solutions here, in my eyes, where you can see the results but without voting.

Kind regards,
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