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Adding forums / groups suggestion


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Hey there,

I'm sure a bunch of other people like me have hooks and modifications that use group permissions or forum settings in them. What I would like to suggest is a way for IP.Board to check for those settings when you add a new group or forum, and allow you to update it there.

So, for example, those who have a mod installed to show a global message to users on the homepage have the group permissions set up. They then go and add a new usergroup which they want to also add permissions for the global message and maybe another mod at the same time. It would be ideal to have those permissions configurable for the new group, from the group page.

So any setting that uses #show_groups# or #show_forums# would have "hooks" in the group editor and forum editor.

I just think this would be very useful because more often than not, I forget to update the mod settings when I make a forum change or group change.

~Shad :)

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