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Replace the "0" by a picture

Gros Blaireau

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When there is no comment there is written "0 comment" or "0 answer". 0... Zéro... It means nothing, you're ugly, visitors don't care.
A little picture is better than "0".

Also, in IP.Content for exemple, I'd like an option to change "yes" or "no" by a little picture, it's more clean, especialy in the listing template.

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Why not.

But for the topic listing, in the forum, you need the number of answer. And there, a "0" is ugly. I created a forum few years ago, and instead of "0", I displayed a little arrow which means "go, be the first", unconsciously. The result was clean.

And for IP.Content, sometime I use a field "yes" or "no". But a long column of "yes" and "no" is ugly in the listing template. A little picture is more clean and more simple to read.

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