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File Name: Imperial
File Submitter: ehren.
File Submitted: 20 Feb 2011
File Updated: 23 Mar 2011
File Category: Light Skins

Imperial by www.ipbforumskins.com

Imperial is a modern skin with an elegant colour scheme and includes a few additional features to modify the way users interact with your site.

Skin features

Animated navigation bar - Hover over the navigation links for a smooth, animated scroll effect.

Avatars post icons - Avatars are used as post icons instead of the regular "new post"/"no new post" icons. The avatars are faded in opacity if there are no new posts.

Quick login box - As a guest, clicking the "Sign In" link animates a quick login form. Give it a try on the demo board!

Basic/detailed topic view - This new feature gives your members the opportunity to customize their topic view by hiding sigs and author information, allowing more room for posts.

HTML text as logo - Changing the logo text is extremely easy by modifying the HTML text. If required, the text can be replaced by an image instead.

And much more! Including customized layout(s) for the topic views, forum icons that "wrap" and a whole new icon set.

Click here to download this file

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