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Download: HiTech Pro Speed Rank Images (Dark/Light)

Echelon One

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File Name: HiTech Pro Speed Rank Images (Dark/Light)
File Submitter: syrusxl
File Submitted: 06 Feb 2011
File Category: Group Team Icons

HiTech Pro Speed Rank Images
Brought to you by Ecehelon Designers

These cool and sleek rank images are professionally designed to compliment any forum with a 'speed' related niche. We have supplied a limited PSD of the rank button background so you can edit the text to create your own additional rank badges. They use a PNG reflection and can be used on dark or light skins!

Download package includes:
6 x Pre-rendered PNG Group Ranks with reflective floor
1 x 'Limited' layered PSD file
1 x Preview Image Document

Visit our website for more cool looking rank collections today!
www.echelondesigners.com 2003-2011

Click here to download this file

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