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Download: (Wolf31) Hide Stats Bar


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File Name: (Wolf31) Hide Stats Bar
File Submitter: Wolfie
File Submitted: 15 Jan 2011
File Updated: 01 Apr 2011
File Category: Hooks and Plugins

This hook performs a very simple function. It will hide the stats bar on the board index from guests. That's the bar that gives you the option to view the top posters, team leaders, etc.

There are no settings, language bits nor template bits. Just install and when the hook is enabled, the bar will be hidden from guests.

This product is currently available as a 'Try Before You Buy' in my Timed Trial Products download.

This hook is ionCube encoded. Please make sure that your hosting server supports ionCube encoded files before purchasing!

Purchase details:
* You may install this hook on up to five (5) sites that you own. If you own more than 5 sites or need to install on more than 5 sites, please contact me.
* Once you have made the purchase, you may use the hook indefinitely. Renewals are strictly for support and product updates. If you choose to not renew, you may continue use the versions you have already downloaded.

Please click here to read a rough copy of the EULA

Click here to download this file
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