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Download: Simple Christmas


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File Name: Simple Christmas
File Submitter: AmsterIDam
File Submitted: 06 Dec 2010
File Updated: 06 Dec 2010
File Category: Seasonal Skins

Simple Christmas IPB Skin, This is my first edit, I hope you enjoy.

Thank you!

Warning:Hasn't been tested on any higher or lower version of IPB
Made on 3.1.2

-Andy Crenshaw


Comes with

Click here to download this file

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Guest N i c k

Hmm Lemme check once more. Im quite sure its packed correctly.

Edit: Yeah it should work fine, Ive just re-tested it myself..

That's odd. It still won't work, I know it's not my WinRAR because I just extracted some other files.
It says the files are missing or corrupted.
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