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File Name: Luminos
File Submitter: skinbydragonfly
File Submitted: 22 Aug 2010
File Category: Tech Skins

Luminos, Cool mid-toned Gaming/Techy skin! Luminos first appeared in 2005 and was a huge hit amongst those sites with a tech or gaming bent! Featuring cool grays with hints of vibrant orange for highlight, Luminos is idea for those wanting to create an instant mood of Gaming goodness, without the oh so predictable dark or black skin, being mid toned Luminos is very easy on the eyes for extensive viewing!

Luminos is NOT suitable for screen resolutions below 1024x768 (and if you have a lot of links in your top menu and/or a lot of technically inept members IE6 or IE7 users for example, it is not the skin for you ;) ) Best suiting gaming or other tech sites with sophisticated members, or as a choice for those users on other sites... Luminos is a great atmospheric skin.

Luminos! is compatible with ALL the IPS and popular components:

* IP Blogs
* IP Gallery
* IP Downloads
* IP Subscription
* IP Content
* IP Tracker
* IP Links
* IP Shoutbox
* IBPArcade Lite

We offer a FREE SERVICE to change the name on the banner to your forum name, and offer a full range of customization services to make your site even more unique and special! SbyD is a premium supplier of IPB Skins and services, and we have been in the business since 2003! Our forum is a warm friendly place and we would love to have you join us!

Luminos is available to purchase from the Skin Store

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Click here to download this file

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