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Warning System suggestions

Cap'n Refsmmat

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Right, so I've just migrated from vB and I'm getting used to the IPB warning system, and I have a few comments.

First, it's very handy to have a user's warn history centralized and available in their profile. I'm having staff send their "stop it!" PMs through the warning system, so there's a permanent record of who contacted the member and when.

However, the warning logs do not link back to the post the warning was issued for. If we want to find the post in question, we have to manually add the link when we issue the warning. It'd be great if the warning logs linked back to the post, profile, or whatever else that first generated the warning.

Second, it'd be nice to have reports and warnings linked in some fashion. Perhaps the Report Center could provide a "Warn user for the reported post" link, which allows staff to issue a warning and have the report linked to in the warning log. (The warning log would automatically point back to the post report.)

Our moderation style is report-driven: to prevent staff from moderating discussions they're involved in, they're encouraged to report problematic posts and let other staff deal with them. Reports often get several comments discussing the correct course of action. Reading them is essential to seeing how we've dealt with a particular member. Connecting reports to warnings would again make it easier for us to see all of our interactions with a user in one place.

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