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Share via twitter suggestion


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currently, the tweet generated by IPB share via twitter have the following form: forum_name - title - link
i suggest changing the forum_title by the official twitter account so it becomes: @twitter_account - title - link

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yeah but i want this feature so my official twitter account appears in every tweeted message by my members.

So, this actually isnt a suggestion for IPB, its a feature *you* want. Which can be easily added by just changing your templates.

Open up the IPB file at


Find this part:

		$url   = "http://twitter.com/home?status=" . urlencode( $title ) . '%20-%20' . urlencode( $url );

Change it to this:

		$url   = "http://twitter.com/home?status=@Username" . urlencode( $title ) . '%20-%20' . urlencode( $url );

Replace "@Username" with the username you wanted to use.

Save and upload.


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