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Download: (IPBE) RuneScape HiScores

Amged Osman

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File Name: (IPBE) RuneScape HiScores
File Submitter: Sacred
File Submitted: 27 Feb 2010
File Updated: 01 Mar 2010
File Category: Applications

RuneScape Game HiScores tables for all runescape fansites (Encoded & requires iOnCube to work)


� List of all Skills and Mini Skills.
� Scores are auto updated hourly with a task
� Compare Two Players
� Search RSN system
� Complete FURL (SEO)
� Profile Tab
� Various Sorting Options
� ACP Tools
� Groups Perms to who can access, add name, compare, search system

Change log:

1.0.1 Fixed Compare Permissions and Profile Error handling
1.0.0 1st release

Click here to download this file

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This is an excellent mod to have and it looks great installed and the auto update makes for a great package well worth downloading and installing if you have members who also play RS.

One suggestion I would have is to have it rank players by total level and it will be the dogs whatsits then :P

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Hi there,

Been looking at this application for a while now, It's the ideal thing I need for my board!

However i must admit to being a little lost, I noticed from the start that you say it "Requires iOnCube" to work, How does one go about that?

I did a little reading into iOnCube, and from what I make out I can see its some form or encoding program, but that's about it, I don't have the foggiest on how to get what I need from iOnCube, onto my board so that this application will work.

I apologize for having to ask, but ill learn from this too :)

Thanks in advance


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just ask ur host to install it for ya ... i'm sure its already installed

99% of hosts install it be default now!

That's fantastic, thanks very much for your response and sorry to have bothered you! I'm used to using invisionfree boards and recently decided to use IPB, the whole FTP/Server thing is new to me, its a learning curve to say the least :)

Thanks again

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