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suggestion: "About Me" group permissions and moderator settings


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1. Just as signatures may now be disabled per group permissions, I'm suggesting that "About Me" be treated in the same fashion. I have sigs disabled for those who have just signed up. After a certain number of posts, they are promoted to regular membership and can add a sig. I'd like to be able to do the same with bbcode in the "About Me" page in order to combat link spam.

1b. The same permissions for member_profile=>contact_info=>website_URL would be a help too.

2. A moderator setting that allows them to edit sigs and "About Me" and member_profile=>contact_info=>website_URL without needing access to the ACP would be a great help to combat link spam.

I realize we already have the option to disable bbcode in sigs and "About Me" globally, but my suggestion is about group permissions, as I believe that would be more flexible.

(I searched but did not see a similar topic addressing this. If there is already, but all means let me know. Thanks.)

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