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Simplify Watched Content hoook

Bryan Sammers

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Currently if I go to the IPS board the first thing I want to see if there are new replies to my posts. After scrolling down to the Watched Items list, I need to click on "Topics".

My suggestion is to display both topics and forums in an open visibly row.

Watched Topics

[size="1"][color="#c0c0c0"]Topic 1...[/color][/size]

[size="1"][color="#c0c0c0"]Topic 2...[/color][/size]

[size="1"][color="#c0c0c0"]Topic 3...[/color][/size]

Watched Forums

[color="#c0c0c0"][size="1"]Forum 1... ([/size][/color][size="1"][color="#696969"]I thought new topics and replies are shown here[/color][/size][color="#c0c0c0"][size="1"], not the list of the watched forums).

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