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[SUG] Recently Added Topics Exclusion


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I know many sites import news feeds from various news sites (CNN, Gaming Websites, etc.), and it can be very annoying when the bot or account used to add the topic fills up all of the Recently Added Topics.

Could there be an option similar to the IP.Shoutbox, where we can add the form IDs of what is or isn't allowed (based on a combobox dropdown, of Whitelist or Blacklist).


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I know exactly what you mean. On my board ( http://decadentgamer.com ) if you take a look at latest news it's constantly filled up with RSS feeds. I have found that using the (T30) Bump Up Topics 1.0.1 modification is nice because in my topic I can just click bump and even though it's a separate sub-forum it still will then show the one I bumped in latest news. :D

But yes, this would be one of those small nice features that having the luxury of getting in the next possible update or whenever it's convenient to do so would be pretty nice. Otherwise the RSS feeds overpower me, and quite frankly I believe it would be nice for my members to respond to my content as it gives my board a more authentic look then making it seem like we're copying websites.

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