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How to change topic icons


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[quote name='whistler123' date='04 October 2009 - 09:35 PM' timestamp='1254688533' post='1863470']
I cant post all most anywhere else since IPB is greedy but thats not the problem, If I were to get this how would I change the topic icons (new post, lockeed ect) any 1 know?

This should of really been posted in Pre-Sales Questions.

When you get IP.Board you have a folder containing all the images. You can simply create your own image rename it to match the one you are replacing, and then upload it to your website.

When you purchase if you need more help simply post in the customer support forum and we will gladly help :).

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If you're already a customer, you should submit a ticket in the client area for support. This forum is for feature suggestions :)
If you're not, and are considering purchasing IP.Board - it is possible. Once you purchase, just send in a ticket and a technician will be able to advise.

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