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Download: [Projectskins.com] Bliss Skin


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File Name: [Projectskins.com] Bliss Skin
File Submitter: Robert Busby
File Submitted: 10 Aug 2009
File Category: Light Skins

We at ProjectSkins.com are delighted to offer this free skin to all who wish to use it. The skin is a very light skin with a white background and light blue features. It comes with the logo.psd, meaning you can edit the logo easily with your website name. Here is some information:

Skin name: Bliss
IP.Board version: 3.x
Colours used: White and light blue.
Skin language: English
File contains:


  • bliss.xml
  • images-bliss.xml
  • logo.psd
  • Please Read.txt

Click here to download this file
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