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Download: [InVN]Etalk Shoutbox v2.0.7 (no data)


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File Name: [InVN]Etalk Shoutbox v2.0.7 (no data)
File Submitter: Mr.Kaitou
File Submitted: 10 Jul 2009
File Category: Modifications

Author: kenylieou (Invision.VN)

Download attach file, extract and rename etalk_v2.0.7 -> etalk , upload as same as index.php
Open etalk_controler.php find


Click here to download this file

function _get_css()

edit to your URL

open etalk/includes/et_config.php and edit to your information.

CHMOD folder data/global => 777

CHMOD files etalk/includes/et_emoticon.php => 777

Upload file ipb3_plugin.php to folder etalk/etalk/plugins/

open etalk_controlder.php find

var $et_plugin = array"IPB","VBB","PHPBB","JOOMLA","DURPAL","UNKNOWN");

change to

var $et_plugin = array("IPB3","IPB","VBB","PHPBB","JOOMLA","DURPAL","UNKNOWN");


<div class='borderwrap' style='margin-bottom:5px'>

change to

<div class='block_wrap table_wrap' style='margin-bottom:10px'>


<div class='maintitle'>Invision.VN Etalk Chat Room</div>

change to

<h3 class='maintitle'>Invision.VN Etalk Chat Room</h3>


<table class='ipbtable' cellpadding='1' cellspacing='1'>

change to

<table class='ipb_table' cellpadding='1' cellspacing='1'>



                <td class='darkrow3'".$ext." width='100%'>".$data['toolbar']."</td>


change to

<tr class='header'>

                <td class=''".$ext." width='100%'>".$data['toolbar']."</td>


open adminsourcesclassesoutputpublicOutput.php find

$output = str_replace( '<!--DEBUG_STATS-->', $this->outputFormatClass->html_showDebugInfo(), $output );

add below


$etalk = new etalk_controler('IPB3');

$output = str_replace('<!-- etalk -->', $etalk->etalk_display(), $output);

open etalk/etalk/includes/et_init.php and edit charset of your forum.

login ACP -> Look & Feel -> Your skin -> globalTemplate find

<if test="mainpageContent:|:$html">{$html}</if>

change to

<if test="mainpageContent:|:$html"><!-- etalk -->{$html}</if>
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