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File Name: Explore
File Submitter: Bitter
File Submitted: 27 Jul 2008
File Category: Dark Skins

Explore is a dark and blue/green skin. The preview image doesn't do it justice, but the image in the discussion topic does. This skin is great for any sort of theme your board may have and all needed PSDs are included. The sleek and smooth style is attractive to anyone and isn't too crazy for those who don't want their board to stand out way too much or hurt people's eyes. But it also has a nice appeal to it that will keep members interested. This skin is also skinned for IP .Blog, IP .Gallery, and IP .Downloads. The skin is fully customizable with everything as long as copyright is not removed.

Version History:
1.0.1 - fixed image header bug
1.0.2 - fixed div problem
1.0.3 - optimized coding
1.0.4 - fixed calendar issue
1.1 - Reskinned for latest versions of IP .Blog, IP .Gallery, and IP .Downloads as well as minor design and coding adjustments were made.
1.1.1 - Revamped the coding for the structure to improve board load times, and get rid of the quirky movements large boards make when loading!

Copyright Removal Can be purchased at http://finalprestige.net/skinning for $50.


Click here to download this file


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