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Download: iPoints System 1.0.2


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File Name: iPoints System 1.0.2
File Submitter: -Calypso-
File Submitted: 24 Jun 2006
File Category: Modifications

This modification is a points system for your IPB v2.1.x board. This points system comes with the following features:

- iPoints Increase Per New Thread.
- iPoints Increase Per Reply.
- Ability To Set iPoints New Thread Value And Reply Value Per Forum.
- Admins Can Edit Members Points via AdminCP (No Extrenal Admin Controls).
- iPoints System "On/Off" Option In AdminCP.
- iPoints Donation(s) From Member To Member.
- New PM To Member Receiving Donation.
- Individual Transactions Table.
- Global Transactions Table.
- Compatable With PHP4 & PHP5.

Click here to download this file

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