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Download: Metalaxe Staff Forums


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File Name: Metalaxe Staff Forums
File Submitter: Κeith
File Submitted: 02 Dec 2006
File Category: Professional Skins

23 December, 2006
IPB Image Updated to work with the latest versions of IP.Board, Blog, Gallery and Downloads.
IPB Image Styled the quick search box

07 December, 2006
IPB Image Updated to Final

This skin is used on my company's staff forum, where we get together with employees and discuss work and generally gab. I talk like it's an extremely busy forum, but it's not. :P

I just figured (after being told it was a good skin) I would release here, since other than the four people that have access to it, no one would ever get to use/see it. :D

Click here to download this file


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