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Download: News And Announcements V1.1.final


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File Name: News And Announcements V1.1.final
File Submitter: BaRoN30s
File Submitted: 10 Dec 2006
File Category: Modifications


Display a News And Anouncements box below the members bar!
Input Via the staff panel on board pages. Admin & Sup mod can see and edit boxes
Options also controlled from the staff panel,on or off,view on all pages or just index,announcements box only,allow guests to see announcements.
Option for extra Donate Box!.Editing of all boxes made easy via staff panel,Smilies/BBcode & html all enabeled

Files To upload:
----------------------- ipb_news_info.xml

1 New Template bit added

Files Effected:
------------------- sources/classes/class_display.php

Click here to download this file

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