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Download: IPSBeyond Skin


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File Name: IPSBeyond Skin
File Submitter: Κeith
File Submitted: 18 Dec 2006
File Category: Professional Skins

File updated Friday, December 22, 2006
Fixes include...
IPB Image Applying the tab fix throughout the skin
IPB Image A more appropriate color for popmenubutton-new.
IPB Image IPSBeyond menu did not work in blog view
IPB Image Gallery's Fast Reply had the old text editor
IPB Image Various missing images corrected

The long-awaited IPSB skin for 2.2. Don't get upset when you install this and see some different things than the 2.1 version. :P

I rewrote the skin from the ground up, so the way tabs work has changed. See All Global HTML > maintitle_tab_template for instructions on creating tabs. :)

Only known issue (at this point) is that the my assitant box has a white bar behind the tab in Internet Explorer 7, possibly six as well. I think it's something to do with the js that controls it, haven't really looked into it past the fact that I can't correct it locally in the template with css.

Works with IP.Board, IP.Blog, IP.Gallery and IP.Downloads.

Click here to download this file


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