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Download: Announcement System


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File Name: Announcement System
File Submitter: jenolan
File Submitted: 31 Dec 2006
File Category: Components

JLogica Announcements system is a module that allows you to display random announcement blocks to your users.

Features include;

  • Each announcement can be displayed with a border (ie a text box) or without (ie a graphic)
  • Which group(s) can see a particular announcement
  • Start/End date for each announcemnt (or permanent)
  • Display announcements one or two up
  • Fast processing as one MySQL query is all that is used to retrieve one or both announcements
  • Fully integrated with your skin
  • Only minor edits to one file and one skin item
  • Full source with the purchased version
Demonstration is fully functional but only allows the first five announcement to be displayed. IonCube used for demonstration, libraries can be downloaded from Razorback Railway (free registration required) or direct from IonCube.

Full version available from JLogica for $7.50 (part of all proceeds go to Guide Dogs for the Blind Australia).

Uses the Universal Mod Installer

Click here to download this file
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