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Download: (BBR22)IBIRC v2.0.3

Will L.

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File Name: (BBR22)IBIRC v2.0.3
File Submitter: Will L.
File Submitted: 30 Jan 2007
File Category: Components

Allows users to connect to IRC through your forums using java.
Fully customisabled, via ACPFiles Uploaded:
./modules/ (All files in this directory)

Then run 'http://mysite.com/myipbforum/ibirc_install.php'. If successful the delete file afterwards.New in v2.0.3:

  • fixed it so all types of usernames can be used(Thanks ipb@hbtronix.de)
  • now will cache 1 new query to reduce server resources
New in v2.0.2:
  • fixed java error
  • added a caching file in ./sources/components_init/

New in v2.0.1:

  • fixed readme
  • fatal error on line73 during install fixed
  • seperated out settings, componets, templates into .xml files for better install
The orginal IBIRC now with the lastest version of PJIRC and no edits at all

thanks to ntd1712 for his help getting this working

Click here to download this file
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