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What's on your mind? status


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I tuned on the "status update" hook in my 3.0.1 board.

Recent Status Updates
[What's on your mind?]

1. The above is the IPB User Interface for Status Update.
Somehow the ">>" button encourages curious folks to just press it thinking is will lead to another screen to see.

2. In reality, pressing ">>" automatically updates their status to what is in the status box or by default the example text show - "What's on your mind?".

3. Everyday, my board has a lot of "What's on your mind?" status. And I have problem deleting it too.

4. Suggestion.
a. Add a Javascript to check that something other than "What's on your mind" is filled then show an error message.
b. Give the moderator something to delete status. Otherwise prone to spam.


3. I cannot find a Moderator way to "zero" this mistake.

2. There isn't JS to check that user has NOT entered any

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