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SMF 2.0 to IPB 2.3 Converter


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Hello everyone.
First, I apologize for my English. I am Brazilian and I have no skils high. :)

I spent a good time today, trying to convert the SMF to IPB. Everything was quiet, but all posts were not the dates. I tried everything but could not find a solution. It was there that I got the code from the converter to take a look and discovered that he was taking the data from a table not existing.

For all work correctly, you need to make two changes in "/convert/converters/ipb_conv_smf2.php":




Just make these changes so that everything functions properly.
Thank for all.

'post_date'	 => $row['posterTime']
'post_date'	 => $row['poster_time']
$row['filename'], $row['id_board'], $row['posterTime'],
$row['filename'], $row['id_board'], $row['poster_time'],
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