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Suggestion: Portal Functionality

King Buzzo

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I would love to have the Board portal operate much like the current blog set up with drag and drop functionality. Also, more content box options would be nice such as:

[*]Topics - The ability to choose the forums this comes from. The ability to have them listed by most recent post. [*]Calendar - The ability to display a list of upcoming calendar items rather than only the calendar view [*]Gallery - Enhance the ability to include photostrip and flickr like functionality see upper left on this page http://www.viswebconvention.com/ [*]In general, more options for how to arrange and display content. Sample would be all the way from current options to something like this

[*]Articles - Limit Characters, display in list format rather than post format. If an attachment (Image) is present on the topic display it with the content surrounding it. Think BBC News. http://news.bbc.co.uk/ The ability to have multiple topic boxes all with different formatting. Again, think BBC News.

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