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Guest Bain

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Everyone, this is a heads up. I was running IPB 2.3.5 (latest) and it got hacked today by IP address: - someone by the name of DarkOne.

In all of my years running vBulletin, I have never been hacked. NEVER! There are some serious security flaws in IPB.

I can send the IPB Staff my Logs if they would like to take a look and see how this was done.

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Your first reaction should always be to send in a ticket. Or post in a customer area if you are looking for help or want to warn people. By posting this in a public area you are obviously trying to make a point with this post.

I sent in a ticket prior.

And of course I am trying to make a point by this post. Ban the IP address and the username.
Don't make this out to be more than it was intended. This is the feedback area and as such, I was giving feedback that my forum was hacked.

As a paying customer it is my right to voice my concerns over security of the software when I have never before been hacked running another forum software since 2002.
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what is your board url

and my be the hacked by the server site because there are allot of

security flaws in Linux kernel

The server was not hacked. I have already checked through all the logs and the hack was through IPB.

I have since taken down the database and deleted all files. I will soon reupload with a few security measures to try and stop this from happening again.

My url is: http://unexplainedphenomena.net

Apparently someone dislikes Paranormal forums.
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