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I, myself, do not have an IP Board, but I am a member of one. Last month, the moderators decided on a rule that said no colors in posts, except for emphasis and highlighting. However, some members still want to have colors in their whole posts. So I was wondering, Is there a way to have a "Color Filter" option so that some members may see colored posts, and others only see the default color?

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Given that the formating engine is a single pass engine (effectually at least), No.
Just like any other suggestion that involves editing the post before displaying it.

Well, if you are presistant enough, you can hunt down every single place in the source code that formated posts is created and displayed so that you can move the call of pre_display_parse to the display part, it can be done. Only took me like a week. (At least I think I am done.) But I am a highly skilled PHP developer and it's not something that works beautifully with legacy content.

I advice you to forget about the idea.

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