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I just thought of something I asked years back.

So far I have always installed hacks for number of users browsing forum and users browsing topics.

Do you think that will ever be part of a standard install? I know other boards have had that for a long time and I have had it installed since version 1.2.

Does nobody else miss this feature??

PS, the last time I checked the hack for number of users viewing this forum was badly written and used way too many queries. I would prefer a solid install making this part of IP board.

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No, I mean displayed on board view like in other types of forum software. So right near forum moderator it would say something like...

Users viewing this forum: 3

And in topic view it would say....

Users viewing this topic: 2

Right now it just gives a list of users at the bottom of topic view.

Completely different from what I am asking for

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