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new performance features?

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just wondering if you have or plan to install any of the following performance features:

  • switch to lo-fi template when server load is high
  • cache forum/home pages instead of pulling data from database
  • automatically remove non-essential features like "board statistics" display when load is high
  • switch to lores images (gallery, nav buttons, logos, etc) when traffic is higher (load or bandwidth)
  • auto-throttle by ip, so if an IP hits apps too fast, it gets the lofi templates
  • block google/spiders from accessing things like "last post" link or anything else that creates duplicate pages. if a spider, don't offer the link. same with images, registration pages, help pages, etc.
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o:) And for all of us without server-load visible (we're using lighttpd), a feature to throttle the 'load' ourselves. (I don't mind)

I always welcome more cacheing.

It'd be ideal if IPB can come with a LUA script you can stick in lighttpd to point to cached HTML pages (using mod_magnet) ... that will be like getting out of a ford escort and sitting in a ferrari.

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