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excessive / misused double quoting solution

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I have 2 issues when peopel use the quote feature.

first, a lot of people click the quote feature then don't right a message. so I see a lot of replies that are merely quotes of other messages with no new content (totally blank). this ideally should be fixed

second, when someone quotes a long article, you get a huge article quoted with 1 sentence added and it is a waste of space. the replier does not always edit the quoted region (people must not know about the 'add reply' feature). ideally, there should be an option to reduce the quoting... for example optionally (admin's choice) display the first 2 sentence plus ellipses (...) then remaining 2 sentences. or something like that

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I dont like one, and I doubt it will be included, doesnt really benefit much, however 2 is a very good idea and should be a default feature ;)

at least half of the posts made to my board are people who hit the quote button and then get confused and type nothing. this hurts a growing board like mine.
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