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I asked over at IPS Beyond how I would go about using my own domain for my new forum, and this is the reply I got.

Lets say for example...

your current URL is www.example.invisionzone.com

and your on server 65 > www.server65.ipslink.com which has the ip address

and your username for that is ~dom (so you could access it also with www.server65.ipslink.com/~dom

Ask IPS for the IP address of your server if you do not know it.

On the drop down chose "forward my domain"

Forwarding destination = ht tp:/

Forwarding type = frame redirect

Put your title in the title box. Leave the other two blank.

Go back to the main screen. Tick your domain again. Choose "DNS" > Edit DNS settings

General settings radio box = set to DNS

Basic DNS settings dropdown = "my name server"

Primary name server = ns1.ipslink.com

Secondary name server dropdown = "my name server"

Secondary name server = ns2.ipslink.com

Leave the other two boxes blank.

Wait up to 72 hours till its all resolved. Keep tying your new address every so often to see when it works.

After its all resolved, edit conf_global.php in your forum root to change the address in there to your new one. Then viist the ACP > tools / settings > general config > and change the url in there too.

It sounds a lot worse than it is. Its difficult to explain without making it seem complicated. Its very easy to do. You only need to change a few settings then simply wait

From that, I need to find out my server's I.P address, but I dont know how I would do that.
So im asking how do I do that? Lol. :P

Also, is there an easier way of using my own domain than the above? Thanks.
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