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Showing when you already voted

Guest hfodf

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Hey dear developers of IPB, :wub:

In this nonprofit IPB forum (commercially) we're running, voting for certain things is an important aspect. Now we're using the voting system within IPB as you can see in the screen shot below. We handle around 4000 votes a year. (And have been doing that since 2005.)

What we hear a lot from our members, is that they find it annoying that they have to open the topic to see if they already voted on it or not. Some of these topics require a user to post, but in most cases, the votes are done with 0 replies. That makes it difficult to see when one has voted in the topic or not.

The solution would be simple in my humble opinion, and might look like this:

It involves adding a text to the topic list. Something like 'voted', 'needs your vote' or 'vote cast'.

Is this the correct place to suggest these things? And what are the next steps? (Do i need to lobby for support? :).)


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Oh, the (x votes) is a script we run every 5 minutes to update the topic title.
Hows that as a default feature suggestion as well? :).

- A feature that shows how many people voted and;
- a feature that shows if the person logged on already voted or not.

Love the work you guys do,
Kind regards,

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I think there's no need to see how many votes there are at the topic list but I agree with you about the "Already Voted" mark. It should be nice to see if we have already voted on the folder icon at the topic list. I mean something like the little mark appears on the folder icon of the topic if you have replied.

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I think that changing the icon might be a lot of work. (Theme's need to be changed and stuff.) ... But adding a simple line or other way of denoting the status (color change?) would be fine.

edit: though, changing the icon to the icon when you posted something sounds OK!

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