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Package Ordering Problems

Guest sdavis6

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I'm writing this here because I tried calling ips during business hours, then after, and then wrote an email, and still havent heard anything back.

I would very much like to purchase the Developer package on the customer site, however, there seems to be a problem.

When going to the ordering page, you are asked if you'd like to order a new domain, and if so, then to type a name in, and it will check for availability.

Sounds simple, right?


Wrong. I had first done my own domain check before even trying to purchase this package, so I knew that what I put in would be available. However, when I tried to do it on the ordering page, I recieved an "invalid" error.

Before anyone suggests that maybe I made a typo, let me now point out that out of frustration, I then tried about 50 different names and combinations. Nothing, nada, nix....

Is there any way of getting this resolved??



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I apologize that you were not able to get in touch with us. The sales department closes at 5pm est. I did receive your voicemail and a sales representative has left a message for you. It has come to our attention that there is an issue with the domain checker that was on our website. That domain checker has since been removed from our website.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding!

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