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Invision Power Board is beyond the greatest of all Forums. I think that a couple things will make your customers much happier.
Things like, more Custom BBCodes/Special Items, more Emoticons/Smilies, more Fonts, more Colors etc..etc..
When I first got into the IPB Community, I knew nothing. I wanted more smilies, fonts, colors and BBcodes/Special Items.

I eventually had to look it up and found some sites. I still dont know how to add Fonts and Colors or think its possible. I think that if you gave people a start of at least 100+ smilies, more fun and unique BBCodes/Special Items, interesting Fonts and Colors, people would be much more happy and would have a better start. That would also bring in more referrals and customers.

Just something I thought would be nice for a later version of IPB....

P.S. For a color suggestion, maybe you should add a color wheel so people can customize their color more. Also, for smilies I think you should make them fit with Dark Skins also.

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I really would rather the emoticons table wasn't cluttered and I could add new emoticons that I acctually wanted. Potentially more colours could be added in the post view, although this too would create more clutter - lets face it, who needs more colours?

BBCodes are so easy to add and I think IPS has most of the important ones covered. People can add others that are relevant to thier site. I'd much rather people didn't post with a youtube BBCode on my business site, but it's quite appropriate on my gaming site, for example.

More fonts are not possible as it is not known which fonts the user may have installed on their computers.

I do agree the emoticons should be made with transparent backgrounds, that'd be very useful.

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