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SSL Idea?

Guest PolakTom101

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On some Support Desks I have used when you hit go to GMail it asks you to login with SSL then it goes into a Non-SSL Mode.

A feature I would like to have is when you hit the Login Button to login into the Forum the Forum will go to https while you login then once a successful login is made it goes back to http

A Same Idea I would like to be applied to the Admin CP. I think this kind of feature should be added to IPB. I know people would have to buy an SSL Certificate but it would be a optional feature but a very helpful one :)

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I've wanted this feature forever, where the system can work in both SSL and non-SSL mode AT THE SAME TIME for users that want the ability, while keeping server strain off those that don't.

Basically just add support for staying on whatever protocol that is used to access the site. Whether it's HTTP or HTTPS

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