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Client Area Bugs

Guest Mark

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I've noticed a few other 'oddities' with the client area, I'm sure it's just some Nexus settings need updating for most:

  • The blog's package page has two downloads block - only the first one actually works
  • ^ Same for gallery ^
  • When viewing the blog package page, there must be an unclosed <b> tag because everything is bold
  • Unlike all other packages, there is no 'View Your Downloads' link on the IPB package page
  • Gallery and blog can be pointed to the IPB package, idm can't
  • Not sure what the plan is for converge, and I know it's not officially supported yet, but there is no place to input converge admin and url details like - perhaps a new package should be made for converge so it can be properly supported?
  • There is no ticket submission form on the idm package page
  • When submitting a ticket, you cannot relate it to converge
  • When submitting a ticket, you should be able to select a package and a department rather than either/or - not sure if that's intended, but at the moment you can only make one selection
  • The knowledgebase articles are out of line (when selecting which article to view)
  • Some articles are out of date: (I haven't checked them all :rolleyes: - just noticed as I was viewing these)
    • 65 - isn't there a guarenteed time now?
    • 76 - your open times don't match what is on the contact us page and also the guarenteed responce time
  • I'm not sure what is happening here - but I can't change my contact info - whenever I try to add my county either in the 'state' field, or on the end of 'city' it doesn't save - not tried editting anything else
  • 'Your Feedback' makes a white line appear at the bottom of the screen
  • If a license has been transferred, secondary accounts can see the tickets that were made by the old owner
  • Secondary contacts can only submit a ticket to a package, not a department like billing or support.
All found using IE7
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