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Feedback/Bug : Submitting a ticket.

Guest R0CKY

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I don't know if this is a browser issue or not, but when I try to submit a ticket using Firefox it's impossible to select both (1) which licence you are using and (2) which IPB department you wish to contact.

For example, I have 4 licenses so when I log in to the support section, above the details box there is a column of radio buttons that list firstly all your licenses, then all the IPB departments. You cannot select one from each, it's one big list. So, once I select which domain or licence I need support with, I cannot then select which IPB Dept I need.

The result, apparently, is that my last ticket took over a day for a response, because instead of going to a tech, it went to admin.

The list for IPB (Technical Support: General, Marketing: Billing, Marketing: Sales) should surely be a separate radio button list from the licenses above...?

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Normally what I do is submit it to the technical support (or wherever) and just put "IPB Pacakage Reference:......." and give the reference name.
I think it's intended - I think blog has it's own technical support department, so if you select a blog license - it goes there - but if it was a question about renewing that license, it needs to go to sales anyway.

Basically, I think it's intended, but it would work better if departments were in a list seperate to products

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