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Love it

Guest Vester0509

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I love the new look and layout and feel, but however, I thought I read somewhere that the option of sorting replies within a topic were gonna be user specified to show the most recent reply first?

Am I just missing the setting somewhere?

I have a test forum which Im testing it out before doing the full upgrade on my actual forum, just to make sure and I know this was a big issue.

But other than that, I see no other issues.

Great job!

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confused as to what you mean by "user specific to show the most recent reply first"

user specific how?

Just having user specify how they want the board to show.

Either newest replies first or the oldest first.

Reply - 3:53pm
orignal post- 2:01pm


Post - 2:01pm
original post- 3:53pm

The way I like my settings to be is your reply to my post shown first in the topic and my question shown last.

I hope that makes sense, lol
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